Welcome to Collingbourne Wealth Management

We are financial advisors and wealth management and experts for high net-worth families and SME business owners in Hampshire.

Our purpose is to enable our clients to make the best possible use of their resources (both human and financial), so they can live their best possible lives.

Our financial advisors are amongst the most qualified in the country, being both Certified Financial Planners (CFPTM) and Chartered Financial Planners, providing the highest possible level of expertise and service.

What we do

The best outcomes are unlikely to happen by chance. Planning for the future helps deliver better outcomes.

Good financial advice starts with you, with your own life plans. This is about what you do and why you do it, what you want your lifestyle to look like now, and where you want to go in the future. We help focus on this, to move beyond short-termism, to achieve what is important.

In planning for your future, these are just some of the areas we may provide advice on;

  • Retirement planning / financial independence

  • Investment / portfolio management

  • Protection in the event of death or serious illness

  • Tax planning

  • Remuneration planning / business profit extraction

  • Business exit and succession planning

  • Legacy & estate planning  

After selling our business we reinvested the proceeds of our lifetime’s work with Collingbourne, who also took to looking after our pension funds.

Their expert personal attention has successfully guided us and our family for well over two decades and Martin has always been available when needed. We cannot speak too highly of him and his personnel.
— Gerald and June Pulman

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Why our clients come to us

Our clients are typically self-made, successful individuals who are EITHER building towards financial independence, OR are already financially independent of their work and are seeking to ensure their money lasts at least as long as they do. We work closely with our clients to enable them to achieve this, whilst ALSO continuing to enjoy and make the most of their current lifestyles.

Many of our clients are SME business owners or retired business owners. Almost all of our clients, regardless of how or why they came to us share one thing in common; they rely on their own wealth and resources to maintain their (and often their families’) lifestyles and financial security for the rest of their (and their families’) lives.

Running a business and/or a family provides our clients with a number of issues and challenges, for which they turn to our help with:

  • Financial Independence; how much is enough?

  • Growing your business; allocate resources, reinvest or extract profits

  • Making the most of retirement; how much you can/should spend and when

  • Succession and exit planning; finding the optimum time to make pivotal choices

  • Planning your legacy; ensuring whatever you don’t use ends up in the right hands at the right time

  • Fulfilling your responsibilities as a trustee; making the best use of trust assets for beneficiaries

  • Making your investments work for you; managing risk and return, minimising costs

  • Life transitions; death, birth, marriage, inheritance and divorce

In our experience, people rarely consider in detail what they want their lives to look like, let alone discuss and agree this with their partner. Even where consideration has been given, often little is done to realise the vision, and decisions are being made which actively harm the chances of achieving it.

You can’t see the picture when you are in it. Financial affairs usually develop piecemeal over time, with no clear purpose or direction. Most people have no cohesive plan and haven’t fully considered the options available, leading to missed opportunities. By pulling everything together into a structured plan, better outcomes can be delivered.

Be successful on purpose; have a destination in mind and a plan to get there.

I first met Martin when seeking advice on how best to manage our finances from the latter stages of self-employment to a retirement of plausible “comfort and security”.

My wife and I will be forever grateful for the unstinting help and wise counsel Martin has provided for the past twenty years. On all things financial, he remains our first port of call.
— Ted Aves