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Welcome to Collingbourne Wealth Management

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We transform your relationship with wealth by putting you in control. You will have confidence and clarity in your financial matters, giving you financial peace of mind and ultimately enabling you to create the lifestyle of your choice.

Our Financial Planners are both Certified Financial Planners (CFPTM) and Chartered Financial Planners. Collingbourne has also achieved Corporate Chartered status with the Chartered Insurance Institute(CII).


Protecting wealth for you and those you love 

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Why work with us?

When it comes to investments, we start with Why 

Any investment you make should start with the end in mind and be integrated with your wider planning. Your investment plan is the ‘engine’ which will drive your financial life, however you need to start with planning the journey you want to take (your Lifestyle Plan) and deciding what vehicle you will use (your Financial Plan), before you begin building the engine.

Evidence-based investments

To safeguard and grow your wealth, we make investments based on evidence, not guess work.

Unprecedented experience guaranteed

Not all wealth managers are made equally. Our deep experience and our comprehensive Certifications have helped us build a legacy of long-standing, satisfied clients.


Our services


Financial planning

Investment management


Estate and Legacy Planning

SME Business Services

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