When it comes to investments, as with everything, we start with “Why?”.

Any investment you make should start with the end in mind and be integrated with your wider planning. Your investment plan is the ‘engine’ which will drive your financial life, however you need to start with planning the journey you want to take (your Lifestyle Plan) and deciding what vehicle you will use (your Financial Plan), before you begin building the engine.

Evidence-Based Investing

To safeguard and grow your wealth, we make investments based on evidence, not hope or guesswork.

Our investment process is based on the insights provided by leading, Nobel-prize winning academic theory and the evidence provided by decades of market data. We ignore the conventional wisdom and the noise generated by a self-serving investment industry and a media looking for a story to sell; we focus on what is important AND what can be controlled.

We have been investing through a systematic, evidence-based process for over 15 years, over which time our clients have enjoyed a highly successful experience. When we began, we were outliers, now our way of investing is the norm for institutional investors around the world.

We are founding members of Evidence Based Investment Solutions (EBIS), a group of highly qualified, like-minded investment professionals. EBIS allows us to pool resources; combining in house research with external consultants to keep our strategies at the forefront of leading investment thinking. 


Investment Principles

Our evidence-based approach focusses on the following 6 principles;

  • Risk and Return are Related

  • Set a ‘Risk Budget’

  • Set an Efficient Asset Allocation

  • Stay Disciplined

  • Diversify

  • Control Costs & Tax